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"Dib Is Sick"

"Dib Is Sick" (c.) :iconsassafrass002: and Myself

Invader Zim (c.) Jhonen Vasquez

Dib is Sick by sassafrass002

"Dib Is Sick" Chapters:

Dib is Sick - Chapter 1
A/N: Here's an RP that me and ZADRfan1 started in 2009 inspired by an old pic of mine. She has made the RP into a fic for you guys to read :) Also credit to Invader-Ara for being the Beta for this. It's a ZADR fic just to give you the heads up. Enjoy.
A cough filled the silence, then another one, and another as Dib fought to gain back control. He'd been sick for well over a week now and out of school long enough for a certain someone to notice his absence. But he didn't care. All he wanted to do was sleep. Sleep until he felt a little less like he was going to die. Easier said than done when he couldn't stop coughing.
Letting out a groan, he turned over onto his side in his bed. "I hate being sick." he grumbled into his pillow as he cuddled up with an oddly familiar looking alien doll. He had come across it a few days before he had fallen sick. An old Zim doll he had made a few years back when attempting to use his knowledge of the paranormal as a means of defeating Zim. To say the
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 2
Flailing at Zim to make him get away, Dib pulled the covers even tighter around himself. "Just...leave me alone!" he sniffled wetly and refused to come out from under the blankets.
"Why are you acting so strangely, human?" Zim asked, unsure why he suddenly felt guilty. "Does this illness cause sadness, too?" he asked, able to tell Dib was crying beneath the covers.
"I'm not acting strangely! You're just...such a jerk...and it's giving me a headache..." Dib tried to hide even farther under the covers where Zim couldn't get to him.
"But Zim has done nothing wrong! You should feel happy to be in my AMAZING presence! Not sad!" Zim pulled on the covers a little to see Dib.
Dib tugged back to keep Zim from seeing him. "Stop it! Your so-called AMAZING presence is making me sick! Not happy!" he yelled, growing more and more frustrated by the minute.
"C'mon Diiiib!!" Zim stubbornly pulled at the covers again, managing to pull them away.
Hiding his face in his pillow, Dib inhaled shakily. "I tol
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 3
Sobbing uncontrollably, Gir clung to Dib tightly, not wanting to leave yet. "But you're all saaad! I knows it! You can't be all alone and be sad! You make my masta sad too!!" he whimpered to the boy as he tried to get the android off of him.
"Gir! Come back here!! Pleeease???!!!"
"No, Gir! I'll be fine! But you need to-" Dib stopped talking and stiffened up when he heard Zim's voice from outside. Then, pulling the blanket back up over his head, he groaned. "He was out there the whole time, wasn't he, Gir!?! He probably heard everything, and now I'm just the biggest fool ever, aren't I?! Gir, get out of here! I just want to be left alone right now!" he let out another quiet sob into his blanket as he was too embarrassed to come out and face Zim any time soon.
"Awww...But he likes you!! He jus wanna be nice to Dib! Cuz he's not very nice much! You jus gotta stop bein all sad an gives him a chance...YEE!"
"If he liked me so much then he wouldn't be trying to kill me each and every week! N
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 4
Nuzzling one of Zim's hands to his cheek, Dib opened his eyes to stare up at the Irken after a moment or two. "Do Irkens EVER get sick then?" he asked, holding the hand close to keep the other from leaving.
Zim blushed. "Uhm...Well, there are a few illnesses that Irkens get, like minor skin diseases or poisoning from eating unfamiliar foods. But never like what humans seem to get." he said, looking around almost nervously as though what he just said may be used against him.
"...Oh...So the closest you ever really get to being sick is from food poisoning..." Dib yawned tiredly. "...Then I guess you really are lucky..." he felt himself beginning to fall back to sleep."Mmmm...It's so hot in here..." he blinked his eyes open to look up at Zim. "Would you mind opening the window for me?" he asked, finally releasing Zim's hand to allow the other room to move.
"Uh...Okay. Sure." Zim went to the window. "I suppose I would be luckier if I didn't have to put up with the cafeteria food." he opene
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 5
Looking back at Dib, Zim's expression changed to a curious one. "Your mom? You're referring to your other parent, yes? Hmm...I wondered why I never saw her." He tilted his head to one side with a look of concern. "She died?" he asked, wanting to know more about her.
"Ummm...Yeah...When I was 5...And then afterwards, my dad buried himself in his work and Gaz in her video games...And I guess you could say I buried myself in my paranormal studies...It was a really hard loss for us all..."
"Oh...Sorry...I didn't know." Zim looked at Dib's hand that he was still holding and rubbed it carefully with his other hand. "So...Do you remember what she was like? Was she anything like you or your sister?" he asked, trying to imagine what she might be like.
"No, it's alright!...You couldn't have known...And yeah...I remember a little bit about her...She looked a lot more like Gaz then she did me. But she had longer hair and was a lot nicer. And she had the same colored eyes that I have. It seemed lik
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 6
Looking at the glass of water Zim was offering him, Dib shrank back a bit, beneath the covers. "I don't think that would be such a good idea. I haven't been able to keep anything down for the past two days, including water." he said in a quiet voice.
"Oh..." Zim's expression grew even more concerned as he set the water down onto the bedside table again. "Y'know, you should really get this checked out. I mean, I may not know much about human illness and stuff...But coughing up your own blood and not being able to eat or drink CAN'T be a good sign." he said, pointing a finger at Dib.
Hiding his face in the covers, Dib mumbled something. "I'm afraid of hospitals." his words came out low and unintelligible.
"...Nyeh?" Zim turned his head slightly and leaned in nearer to Dib to hear him better. "You're afraid of whuh?" he asked Dib to repeat himself.
Dib lifted his head from the covers. "I'm afraid of hospitals, okay?! I have been ever since my mother died! I'll never forget the months lead
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 7
Rubbing his eyes, Zim pouted at Dib. "Like what? Zim has nothing else." he said, not knowing what he'd do with himself were he ever to give up invading.
"Have you ever considered that maybe you could be an even better scientist than my dad?! With all your knowledge about Irken technology, getting into a career in some field of science would be easy for you."
"Heh...Yeah, well...I am pretty amazing." Zim smiled to himself before his expression grew sad again. "But...If you're not going to fight Zim anymore..." he crawled nearer to Dib."What will you do with yourself?" he asked, knowing capturing him had been the human's one main goal in all the time he'd been on Earth.
Dib smiled weakly. "Just because I'm not fighting you doesn't mean I can't continue studying the paranormal." he said, having been studying other phenomena long before Zim even arrived on Earth.
"Heh...Yeah. You and your paranormal stuff." Zim smiled back at Dib briefly before fiddling with the bed covers. "Still....You g
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 8
A/N: Pat-The-Kitsune and I would just like to give a massive thankyou to yoyoballkay for making such an awesome animation of one of the scenes from the previous chapter :D I've put a link in the comments under this chapter if you'd like to see it ^__^ it's seriously AWESOME! Anyways. We hope you like this chapter.
Looking up at Zim in the midst of the awkward silence that followed, Dib scooted closer to him, leaning in to press up against him a bit and get comfortable.
Stiffening up at the contact, Zim blushed harder and then relaxed, smiling happy as he removed his wig and contacts with one hand before dropping them onto the floor so he could wrap his arms around Dib, nuzzling into his neck sweetly.
Feeling the Irken's antennae brush up against his face, Dib blushed and shifted his eyes down to stare at the alien. "Wow...I...I never noticed how nice your eyes looked before. W-Would you mind if I got a closer look?" he finally asked, breaking the silence and bringing Zim's attentio
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 9
Sending Dib yet another concerned look at his words, Zim looked about almost anxiously before returning his attention back to Dib. " Well...Maybe...If you wanted," he looked away, blush re-forming. "We could go to my base and I...I could get my computer to run a scan, diagnose the problem, and find the exact chemicals needed to cure it. Irken technology is pretty AMAZING compared to inferior earth machinery after all." he smiled up at Dib. "Especially the ones found in hospitals...But y'know...If you wanna stay here..." he closed his eyes, peeking one of them open after a moment to see if Dib was interested.
Dib tensed a bit. "W-Would it hurt? And is that even possible?" he asked, still holding his upset stomach.
"Heheh...No. It won't hurt you. It is merely a scan, Dib." Zim smirked. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna poke you with anything sharp and pointy. Just think of it as one of those things that reads price labels in stores." he pat Dib's head patronizingly. "And of course it will work
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 10
Smirking at Zim's reaction to his licking of the other's antenna, Dib pulled the tip into his mouth to suckle at gently, the taste something sweet, like honey on his tongue.
Nuzzling up to Dib's neck, Zim made a little whine and started licking at it affectionately.
Gasping sharply at the feel of Zim's tongue running up his neck, Dib moaned out lowly just to pull away quickly and cough into his hands. He flinched at the action. "Ow..." he muttered.
Pulling himself up shakily, Zim opened his eyes slightly to look at Dib with concern, face still blushing.
Blinking his eyes back up at Zim to look at him curiously, Dib cleared his voice. "Your antennae taste really sweet to me. Are they supposed to?" he asked, intrigued by the taste still on his tongue.
Zim blushed more. "W-Well I...I guess so...It's an Irken thing." he said before looking away awkwardly. "The antennae are one of the most sensitive parts of the Irken body. The taste is kinda like a pheromone...It's how Irkens are supposed
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 11
Feeling a small victory for getting this right, Zim tried to stop himself from smiling at Dib's reaction as he pushed his tongue into Dib's mouth, wrapping it around Dib's large, fleshy one and feeling himself beginning to enjoy this also.
Letting Zim be in control, Dib kissed back gently, allowing his own tongue to dance with Zim's serpentine one.
Allowing his tongue to slide along Dib's, Zim pulled back a little before pushing back into the kiss harder, feeling his face heat up more from the kiss and his heart beat a little faster. He hadn't been expecting this to have any effect on him, but for some reason, it was.
Gasping a bit, Dib moaned out just a bit louder at how roughly Zim was kissing him, able to feel his own heart beating faster, causing his breathing to go haggard.
Blinking, Zim then pulled away to look at Dib, having completely forgotten how fragile the human was in his current state. "Dib?..." he brought a hand up to his face. "Did...Did I hurt you?" he asked, afraid he
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 12
Swaying a bit in his spot, Dib could already see the very edges of his vision beginning to turn dark as he tried to stay conscious. "E-Everything's really blurry..." he said a second time before slumping up against Zim and finally passing out.
Jumping a bit when Dib passed out, Zim put his arms around Dib. "Uh...Dib…?" he gave him a little shake. "Hey! Wake up, Dib-stink!" he held him to the side carefully so he could look at him and give him another light shake. "...Dib…? D-Dib…?! Oh IRK!!!" he panicked and held Dib close to him. "Dib, please wake up…" he begged the other, not knowing what to do.
"Mmmm..." Dib began to shiver again just like earlier before coming around again just a little. "It's so hot in here...I feel like I can't breathe...I-I want my mom..." his teeth chattered as he shook even more violently, body trying to regulate heat back down to a more normal temperature.
Zim stroked the side of Dib's face. "It's going to be ok. You have Zim now." he smil
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 13
Pulling on his usual frowny face as he concentrated on flying the cruiser the rest of the way to the base, Zim, after a short while, finally managed to reach the base and pilot the ship into the opening in his roof.
Holding his stomach as he felt motion sick now, Dib peeked his eyes open as they were landing. "Ugh...I'm starting to feel nauseated again..." he said before closing his eyes and shivering.
Looking over at Dib worriedly, Zim then turned his attention back on landing the cruiser. As soon as the door had opened, Gir shot out of the voot and ran off giggling. " Uh...Do you want Zim to carry you?" he asked, placing a hand to Dib's face in an attempt to calm him down, expression only growing even more concerned when he felt how hot the boy was.
Holding out his shaking arms for Zim to take him, Dib nodded without even opening his eyes once.
Planting a quick kiss on his forehead, Zim stroked his hair before scooping him up and holding him close as he headed for the elevator to go
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 14
Hardly responding to Zim's gentle stroking, Dib, for the next several hours or so, just slipped into an even deeper sleep as he slept off the chemicals that Zim had injected into his body.
Staying awake for a few of those hours, Zim continued to stroke his hair, still concerned for Dib but starting to feel himself beginning to doze off. He leaned back against the sofa with a soft sigh, closing his eyes as he finally felt himself losing consciousness.
About 5 and a half hours later, at around 5:30 in the morning, Dib finally began to show the first signs of waking back up. Blinking his eyes less than half way open, he looked about the room, his vision still blurred horribly in that moment. "Mmmm..." he sounded out in his sleepy daze.
Waking up at hearing Dib, Zim rubbed his eyes quickly and looked at him. "So...How is Dib feeling today, hmm?" he pressed a hand to his forehead to feel for his temperature.
Seeing only a blur of shapes and colors, Dib shifted his eyes over to look up at Zi
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 15
Turning slightly to stretch out his legs, Zim pushed into his back with his hands until he heard a click sound and let out a sigh as he slumped back into the sofa. "Nah, it's okay. To be honest, I only just realized. Besides, it was the least I could do after poking you last night." he said before bringing up his hand to look at it. "Guess I don't know my own strength." he then said with a small smirk.
Staring at Zim for a few moments, Dib then shifted his eyes off to the side and frowned. "It wasn't really you...Everything was already hurting even before you poked me...My fever was making everything ache..." he said, hugging himself so he could run his hands up and down his arms soothingly. "I really shouldn't have yelled at you last night. It wasn't your fault. I'm sorry I blew up on you like that." he then said, looking back up at Zim sadly.
Looking at Dib, a little surprised, Zim then smiled again. "Pff...It's no big deal. Zim has dealt with FAR worse before. I can't blame you for
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 16
Curling in on himself a bit when Zim's hand passed over his belly button, Dib pulled away from the Irken slightly, his eyes shut and a small smile on his face. He couldn't help but giggle at the other's exploring hand. "Hey, quit it. I'm ticklish there." He said between small snickers.
Opening his eyes a bit at Dib's reaction, an evil smile crept onto Zim's face. "Oh really?" He lightly poked the boy's stomach a few times.
Noticing Zim's evil smile, Dib slapped his hand away, a deep blush on his face. "Stooop iiiit..." He tried to pull away just to have Zim pin him down and poke him some more. Bringing two hands up to his mouth, he then tried to keep his laughter in.
Zim laughed a little himself too now. "...Let's see if you're ticklish anywhere else." He said, putting both his hands on Dib's sides under his top so he could lightly move his fingers over those spots.
Slapping his hands even tighter over his mouth, Dib unintentionally let out a loud snort before rolling over onto his sto
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 17
Pressing his hands back into the sofa at Dib's reaction, Zim's antennae perked up in surprise as he stared back at the other blankly, blush re-forming again. "...Uhmm..." He shifted his eyes to the left and the right momentarily before bringing them back to land on the startled human.
Staring wide-eyed back at the Irken, Dib could only blush as he began shaking a bit, finally dropping his eyes down to his hands and fiddling with his fingers nervously.
Antennae lowering, Zim looked at him for a bit longer. "Dib...I-I...You were asleep and you umm....I thought...." He looked to the side awkwardly.
Still feeling a bit shaken by all this, Dib didn't want Zim to know that everything he had been doing to him had caused him to become slightly aroused in his sleep, something that had never happened to him before.
Frowning, Zim tilted his head at him. "What's the matter?" He asked, knowing now that something was up.
"N-Nothing!" Dib backed away from Zim a bit and hid his face in a pillow from e
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 18
Already too far out of range to hear Zim any longer, Dib continued running until he reached a small, nearby park where he could take a seat under a large tree and cry to himself in peace.
Running down the front pathway of his base, Zim stopped dead in his tracks to feel the top of his head and realized he was not in a disguise. "OH, FOR THE LOVE OF-!" He darted back inside to quickly put on his wig and contacts before shooting back out again to run down the street and look all around for Dib. "DIB!?" He began to wander around the place aimlessly in search of him. "Dib, where are you!?" He called out desperately, feeling a little sick now and crouching down in the middle of the street for a second hopelessly. He then bolted upright again. "No...I have to find him." He said to himself before walking off in the direction Dib had gone and calling out for him again.
It wasn't until about 15 minutes later that Dib bolted upright when he suddenly heard someone calling his name. Seeing Zim off
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 19
Calming down just a little bit at the small lick he received, Zim wrapped his arms around Dib and turned his head so he could press the side of his face comfortably against the boy's chest.
Rubbing Zim's back soothingly with one of his hands, Dib felt his heart beginning to beat just a little faster as he let his eyes fall half lidded.
Nuzzling up against him, Zim sat himself more comfortably onto the human's lap, his antennae rising back up a little to their normal position again as he began to calm down some more.
Bringing up his free hand to pet the antennae back lightly, Dib pressed his lips to one of them gently and then the other.
Tensing up a bit at the contact, Zim gripped onto Dib's top tightly. "Mmm." Zim's antennae twitched a tiny bit as Dib pet them gently, causing him to let out a contented sigh.
Feeling Zim tense up at his petting, Dib stopped. "S-Sorry. Do you want me to stop?" he asked, thinking he had hurt the other by accident.
Zim shook his head, however. "...It feel
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 20
Finally settling after a few moments of trying to get comfortable again, Dib continued sleeping soundly as the Irken fell off to sleep pressed up against him. "Zim, I...Mmmm..." He curled in on himself a bit.
At Dib's shifting, Zim blinked his eyes slightly open again. "Mmm...." he rubbed his eyes and looked at him sleepily. "Hmmm....You what, Dib?" he put a hand to his face.
Biting down on his bottom lip, Dib gripped Zim's shirt tightly before relaxing his fingers and coughing in his sleep a bit. "...Why's it so hot in here…?" He mumbled in his sleep before turning over again onto his other side.
A little confused now, Zim frowned at him. "Hmm?" He put a hand on his forehead.
Letting out a small whimper, Dib quit shifting about in his sleep so much at the feel of Zim's cool hand.
Unsure whether he should wake him up or let him sleep, Zim stared at him with concern now, gently stroking the side of his face with his other hand. "...Dib, are you in pain?" He asked the unconscious hu
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 21
Jolting at the small pinch to his antenna, Zim let out a little squeak before slapping a hand over his mouth, his antennae flicking at the action. Frowning, he then brought up a hand to Dib's hand on his antenna and moved it down so that it was making more of a rubbing motion rather than a pinching.
Dib jumped a bit at Zim's sudden squeak. "S-Sorry! D-Did I hurt you?" He asked, blushing a deep red in embarrassment.
Looking over at Dib, Zim let go of his hand and blushed a bit himself. "N-No...You're doing fine." He smiled at him reassuringly. "Anyways, less talking, more rubbing." He wriggled his antennas and pointed to them. " sudden pinching." He blushed a bit more as he said that last part.
Dib blushed a bit more himself. "S-Sorry about that." He rubbed Zim's antennae gently. "I-Is that better?" He then asked once he had established a more steady rubbing motion.
Nuzzling against Dib, Zim closed his eyes and let out a contented sigh. "...Mmm.....Actually, you're amazing a
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 22
Feeling the Irken running his tongue into his mouth, exploring it completely while dancing with his own tongue, Dib moaned out lowly into the kiss, his entire body responding with small shivers as if anticipating something more.
Running a hand down Dib's chest to slide it under his top and up his back, Zim kissed him hungrily, tongue still exploring inside the human's mouth and heart beat suddenly increasing.
Feeling Zim's soft hands running up his back, Dib shivered noticeably underneath the Irken. "Mmmm..." he felt his fingers twitching at his sides, as though trying to grip something that wasn't there.
"Mmm..." Zim wrapped his legs around Dib's and moved his hand from his back to run his fingers slowly down his chest, reaching up his other hand to run through his hair.
"Ahh!" Dib groaned into the kiss a bit more when he felt Zim wrapping his legs around his own and trailing the fingers of one of his hands down his chest. Bringing his arms up to wrap around Zim's back, he then pushed
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 23
His blush not dying down on his face at all, Zim's eyes widened at Dib's sudden outburst as he felt himself getting very flustered now. "N-No! I already knew...THAT...I...I just wanted to see if-" He shook his head and waved his hands up in front of him quickly. "Gah! Look, I'm sorry! Zim will NEVER do that to you again, okay?!" He pulled down on his antennae in discomfort.
His eyes no longer angry but still filled with tears, Dib lifted his head slightly again when Zim didn't finish his previous statement. "You just wanted to see if what? There's no point in apologizing if you won't even tell me what you were really trying to do..." He said, hating how Zim was suddenly dodging the issue at hand.
Letting go of his antennae to bring up his hands and press his fingers together nervously, Zim looked back at him with a little fear and embarrassment in his expression. "...T-To...To see if...if you were..." He grabbed a cushion to hug in front of his face as he spoke into it, voice muffled n
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 24
About 15 minutes after Zim's initial arrival, Dib, having taken quick shower and bandaged up his arms, unlocked the door to the bathroom and walked out with only a towel wrapped around him as he carried his pajama pants in one arm back to him room with him. Using his free hand to rub the bandages on his other arm soothingly as he stared down at his feet the entire way back, he then entered his room and turned around to lock the door behind him, not even noticing Zim sitting on his bed until he turned back around. Eyes shooting wide open, his face flared up a bright red upon lifting his head to see Zim waiting there for him. "What the-?! Zim?! What the hell are you doing in my room?!" He made a dash for the closet to hide in just to trip over his own feet and land smack on his face. He groaned. "Oooowwww..." He brought up a hand to rub at his now sore nose.
Feeling his heart jolt suddenly in his chest when he saw Dib first walk in without even noticing him, Zim jumped a bit in surprise
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 25
WARNING! ZADR Smutty scene ahead now guys! 18+ readers only. If you strongly dislike this kind of content then do not proceed. Do not feel the need to tell me how much you dislike the content of this chapter if you were silly enough to have read it anyway, it will only cause me to laugh at your foolishness.
If you'd really rather not read this particular chapter because of it's contents, don't worry, things will pick up as normal in the following chapter :)
There is a link in the artists comments if you'd like to read this over on fur affinity.
Otherwise, ENJOY! ;)
Shutting his eyes tightly before relaxing again, Zim planted little licks to the side of Dib's face and neck, bringing a hand round to run his fingers slowly down the other's back, antennae twitching in response to the small flick they received, as if anticipating something more.
Feeling Zim tugging just a bit at his towel to get at his chest, Dib groaned. "Mmmm...Ah!" He gasped as he felt one of the Irken's clawed finge
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 26
Feeling his face flush a deep red at the way Zim was staring down at him, Dib quickly averted his eyes away to anywhere else in the room that didn't include said Irken in its foreground. "Wh-What?" he tried to pull the towel down over his face, still in a bit of shock over what they had just done.
Pulling the towel down away from Dib's face, Zim leaned forward and smiled down at him when he saw him flushing up so much. "Heh...Nothing. Yeesh, relax, will you." He lightly ruffled Dib's hair then rubbed his hands on his chest soothingly, bringing his eyes to his chest.
Dib blushed even more. "I-I can't when you're doing that. And I can't believe we just did that." He brought his gaze back to glance at Zim momentarily before quickly averting his eyes yet again.
Looking back up at him quickly, Zim stopped running his hands on him to hold them still on his chest before frowning a little and leaning over him again. "Why do you speak of it like it's a bad thing?" He said, bringing one hand up
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 27
Shifting his view to the side for a moment in thought at Dib's words, Zim then slumped himself down beside Dib, facing him and also resting his head on the towel. "Yeah...I understand. I can't say I blame you for having trust issues. I myself have never trusted anyone but my leaders...It turns out they weren't so trustworthy either. But...I think I can trust you...For all I know, you could have drugged me in my sleep and dragged me to the nearest autopsy table." He smiled jokingly and grabbed Dib's hand to entwine his fingers with his own. "But...I'll wait for you to trust Zim." He smiled at the other reassuringly.
Staring down at his and Zim's hands, Dib then brought them up to his lips to kiss each of Zim's fingers gently. "Thank you..." The words left his mouth in a whisper before he let half-lidded eyes fall all the way closed, nuzzling the lime green hand to one of his warm cheeks and sighing.
"Mmm." Zim let out his own content sigh, smiling happily and letting his eyes fall half-
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 28
Shifting in the covers, Dib tried to escape whatever it was that was shaking him, still completely out cold. He let out a small whimper as he coughed into the covers and began to shiver again.
"Dib?! Why aren't you answering?!"
"Yes, Dib! Why aren't you?!" Zim snapped his fingers in front of his face a few times then grabbed his shoulders to shake him again but was unable to get him to wake up.
"Don't make me come in there, son!"
Zim coughed. "Uh...Uh...Yes! It is I...Dib!...And I am getting ready for skool...And catch aliens!...And big-feets!!" He coughed again.
"...Ah, okay. Very well then, son. Remind me to have a look at your throat later on. You sound horrible! We can't have you getting a cold." Professor Membrane said before walking off.
Beginning to practically gasp for air in his sleep, Dib clutched at the bed covers tightly as he was beginning to sweat all over.
Whumping himself back down onto the pillow, Zim sighed loudly in relief at hearing the professor finally l
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 29
A little confused by Dib's words, Zim sent the other a small look before the realization of what Dib was getting at dawned on him. "Oh...Because he might take you to a hospi-...Umm...W-Well, surely he must keep some kind of medicine in this house." He quickly changed the subject.
At the mention of the hospital, Dib tensed. "Th-There might be s-some downstairs, but I-I'm not s-sure. Th-The last time I-I was sick w-was when I w-was s-seven." He said, shuddering at the memory.
"Want me to go check for you? I'll just have to read the labels carefully...Uh...Your father and sibling are out, right?"
"D-Dad should be g-gone by now i-if he went t-to the lab t-today. B-But I'm not s-so sure about G-Gaz..."
"..." Zim sighed. "I'll deal with it. Where do you keep all your medicine and stuff?" He pulled away from Dib and wrapped the covers around him fully to keep him warm.
"I-In a cabinet i-in the k-kitchen. A-And there might b-be a few i-in the bathroom t-too."
"Mkay. I'll have a good look." Zim
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 30
Letting out a small whine at the loss of Zim's finger and the sudden shaking, Dib turned over in bed again to lie on his other side, facing away from Zim now.
"Ugh! Diiib!" Zim snapped his fingers in front of his face a few times.
"Awww. He's all sleepy."
"Yes...But I need him to be awake." Zim gave him another shake. "C'mon! Wake up already!" he became frustrated when Dib wouldn't wake up right away.
"Oooh! I know what to do!" Gir jumped onto Dib suddenly, giggling like a moron and poking at him. "Yeeeheeeheee!!" He jabbed his finger at Dib repeatedly.
Flinching at all the shaking, snapping, and poking, Dib pulled under the covers in an attempt to escape it all.
Grabbing Gir off of Dib, Zim held him up to look at him angrily. "I didn't command you to JUMP on him, GIR!!" He scolded the small android.
"But I was trying to wake him up!! Eeeheehee!!"
Zim threw Gir, who just giggled and stood near them again, onto the floor. "Well, it didn't work anyways...This human just sleeps forever!..
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 31
Closing his eyes, Zim continued to gently rub Dib's back and stroke his hair to help calm him. Humming out a small contented sigh as he felt comfortable and warm under the covers with Dib, he then began to feel a bit sleepy himself.
Breathing beginning to become more normal again as he wiped his eyes off on Zim's uniform top before peeking two honey colored eyes up at Zim and then fixing them on the Irken's antennae, Dib let the swaying motion calm him as his eyes fell half lidded and he sniffled wetly just a few more times.
The movement of his hands on Dib lessening as he slowly felt himself beginning to drift off to sleep, Zim opened his eyes one last time to look down at Dib and gently nuzzle against his hair once more before closing his eyes again and becoming still.
Blinking his eyes open at the sleeping Irken, Dib shifted them back to stare up at his antennae again. Watching them sway back and forth as he also began to drift back to sleep, he then clung to one of Zim's arms as he
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 32
Blushing even more at Zim's question, Dib looked away from the other momentarily. "W-Well...I-I didn't think you'd want me doing anything like THAT to you...E-Even if it was in my sleep...I-I don't want to overstep my boundaries...A-And it wouldn't be the first time I've said or done something stupid in my sleep..." He rubbed his arm nervously, now feeling horribly uncomfortable.
Looking at him a bit surprised, Zim blushed again before sitting himself on the bed, still looking at the other. "Oh...I just assumed you didn't want to do-...Uhh...I mean, y-you wouldn't be overstepping your boundaries if you-..." His face blushed twice as hard. "Uhmm...B-But anyways...Like I said...You haven't said or done anything stupid in your sleep." He shifted his eyes to the side.
Bowing his head and holding it with both hands now, Dib squeezed his eyes tightly shut. "B-But I said something stupid just now, didn't I?!" He groaned, his blush growing even more at the fact that he had just let the other k
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 33
Staring at Dib confused for a few moments, Zim then shook his head at the human's words. "But...You can't do anything that would make me hate you, Dib. I mean, you're the human here, so-..." He pressed his fingers together and stared at them for a moment. "Uhm...Well, I've just been doing whatever I felt like to you this whole time, so...You can do what you want to Zim." He looked back up at him, blushing at what he had just said to the other.
"But I don't want to do what I want to you unless you're comfortable with it!"
Slowly moving his gaze over to Dib's shoulder and running a finger on it again, Zim raised a brow at him for shouting, blushing a bit as he spoke. "But...I want you...To do what you want to Zim." He said, all the while keeping his gaze fixed on his moving finger.
Slightly upset with the fact that Zim wouldn't listen to him, Dib flushed a deep red at the feeling of Zim running his finger along his shoulder as he sniffled and tried to calm back down. Leaning down
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 34
WARNING! Another ZADR Smutty scene ahead now guys! 18+ readers only. If you strongly dislike this kind of content then do not proceed. Do not feel the need to tell me how much you dislike the content of this chapter if you were silly enough to have read it anyway, it will only cause me to laugh at your foolishness.
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Otherwise, ENJOY!
Dragging his tongue along the trail of kisses he just left on Zim's chest, Dib suckled and kissed the skin there along the way, nipping at the soft skin in a few places.
"Uhhh..." Zim moved his chest upwards a tiny bit more, putting both arms around Dib, hugging him into himself and enjoying all the attention he was getting.
Releasing Zim's antennae so he could run both hands down the other's si
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 35
Sleeping peacefully for a good 45 minutes, Dib finally blinked his eyes open again. "Hmmm? What happened?" He looked to his side where Zim was sleeping. "Hmmm?" He climbed up on top of Zim's sleeping body to stare down at him curiously. "Was it all just...a dream?" He reached down to take one of Zim's hands so he could pull a long, slender lime-green finger into his mouth and suck on it as he sank down in the covers to rest on top of Zim, watching him lazily through half-lidded eyes.
Scrunching up his face and squirming around in his sleep from all the sudden shifting, Zim whined before relaxing and feeling comfortable again. "Hmmmm." His finger twitched in Dib's mouth for a moment.
At the sudden twitch of Zim's finger in his mouth, Dib blinked his eyes open more. "Mmmm..." He ran his tongue all along the length of the digit before wrapping his tongue around it completely and giving it a thorough suckle.
"Mmmm....Mm." Zim wrapped his legs up around Dib, turning his head to the side and
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 36
Nodding his head as though to confirm his own words, Zim continued, feeling just a tad bit worried himself that Dib couldn't remember passing out on him. "Yep. You did. So I lifted you onto the bed...But seeing as you're okay now...Ummm..." He looked off to the side and mumbled quietly. "Mmm...Maybe you should take the medicine? In case something happens again?" he suggested, wanting nothing more than for Dib to get better already.
"Oh..." Dib closed his eyes and pressed himself close to Zim, letting out another tired yawn.
Giving his hair one last stroke and looking over at him, Zim sighed, tempted to cuddle up to him but shaking his head quickly and grabbing the medicine from the side table, holding it in front of Dib and waving it in front of his face a little, gesturing for him to take it. "Mmmmm?" He sounded out, trying to coax the other into taking it now.
Blinking his eyes open to stare at the bottle for a few moments, Dib moved his hand up a bit as though to take it but dropped
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 37
Taking the glass of water being offered to him with shaking hands, Dib poured it into his mouth just so he could wash it out before spitting it into the toilet and flushing everything down. Slowly pushing himself up onto shaky legs, he then groaned out lowly, still holding his stomach. "Ugh...That hurt..." He said, throat burning and stomach feeling as though it had been impaled.
Moving himself nearer to him, Zim helped him onto his feet and held him up. "Dib. Mmmf...This was...My fault...I..."He looked down at the floor, ashamed.
Wincing as a sharp pain shot through his body from his abdomen, Dib shook his head slowly. "It's okay...It wasn't your fault...You just wanted me to get better." He said before leaning up heavily against Zim.
Trying to keep his balance for a moment, Zim took the glass from Dib and set it onto the floor before wrapping one arm around his back while using his other to scoop Dib's legs up from the floor to hold him again and take him back to the bedroom. Laying
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 38
Opening his eyes slightly to watch Dib as he slept, Zim couldn't help but smile a bit at having Dib clinging to his uniform top. His mind still racing, he felt unable to drop off as quickly as the other. Before long, however, he finally felt himself drifting off to sleep with the human pressed close to him for warmth.
Letting out a small whine, Dib shifted in his sleep a bit and shivered. "Mmmm...Mom..." He murmured, tightening his hold on Zim's shirt.
Zim frowned in his sleep from all the shifting. "Mm...Mmm?" He peeked his eyes half open at Dib for a short moment before shuffling up nearer to him to get comfortable again.
Tugging at the covers in his sleep, Dib pulled them over his head as though to hide. "Mom...Mommy..." He let out a small whimper.
Opening his eyes fully at hearing that, Zim rubbed the top of his head, blinking sleepily and pushing himself up a little to pull at the covers. "...Dib?" He said, trying to get the other to come out from his hiding place.
His body shiver
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 39
Finally managing to get his coughing somewhat under control for the time being, Dib gasped for air as his hands were now covered in blood and everything hurt thanks to his fever, which had grown even worse than it'd been before. "Z-Zim...I can't move..." He said once he had settled some.
Grabbing some tissue from the side, Zim's eyes grew wide at seeing all the blood before he very carefully took his hand to gently wipe it away. Doing his best not to hurt him in the process, he then looked down at Dib with even more worry than before. "Dib, I'm taking you to a hospital...Right now." He said, getting up to gather a few of his things before leaving.
Eyes snapping wide open at those words, Dib followed Zim's movements with his eyes, watching him as he grabbed his disguise and hurried over to his closet to grab him a clean pair of pajamas just to return and carefully dress him in them before scooping him and the covers around him up into his arms, causing him to let out a pained scream bef
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 40
His heart beginning to beat a bit faster at the nurse's question, Zim looked up at the nurse wide-eyed as he remembered that he had been the one to scratch Dib up. He desperately tried to think of something to say in response to her.
Looking back down at Dib again, the nurse then looked at his chest for a moment before turning him slightly to look at his back and noticing a few scratch marks there as well. Carefully laying him back down again, she then looked at Zim, her eyebrows raised.
"Uhh...I didn't see the bandages...S-So I don't know."
"Alright. We'll sort that out later then." She said before putting the gown on Dib as the radiologist made her way over to the table.
The radiologist looked over at Zim. "I'll need you to stand back a bit while I take the X-rays. It's already going to be difficult enough taking these while he's unconscious. I prefer my patients to be awake so they can take a deep breath and hold it while I'm taking the X-rays and so I can get a few at different ang
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 41
Nodding dazedly when the nurse asked him for his father's contact information, Dib gave her the number for his father's lab as well as his home number in case he wasn't there. "I-I can't guarantee you'll be able to get a hold of him. He's really busy and doesn't always answer the phone." He said before she left to attempt contacting him.
"Well, don't worry too much about it. We'll do whatever we can to get a hold of him." The nurse smiled before leaving the room to go and call Dib's father.
Frowning a bit, Zim watched her leave the room before turning back to Dib again. "Why do they have to call your dad anyway? Shouldn't they be more concerned about starting your treatment?" He looked down at the bed and slid a hand over one of Dib's hands, entwining his fingers with Dib's and sighing.
His blush slowly dying down, Dib leaned up against Zim a bit. "Well, it's not every day they get a patient my age coming into the emergency room without a parent accompanying them." He sighed. "But I wi
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 42
Smiling over at Dib happily when the human licked him on the cheek, Zim blushed a little bit before giving Dib a quick kiss on the cheek and pulling away to smile at him again.
Cheeks becoming a bright pink at the kiss he received from Zim, Dib pulled back a bit, hiding part of his face in the covers shyly.
Running a hand over his hair apologetically, Zim sat up a bit to put his wig back on, still smiling at him as he leaned himself on him carefully again and sighed. " I wish I didn't have to wear this stinking disguise...Oh well." He shrugged.
"Me too...But maybe later tonight, after we go to bed, you can take it off while you sleep. I doubt anybody will come in while we're sleeping."
"Umm...M-Maybe. I guess it will be okay if I'm underneath the covers completely...But I'll probably want to stay awake to make sure you're okay through the night anyways."
"You could...hide underneath the bed covers with me...that way you could watch over me at the same time." Dib smiled hopefully at him
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 43
Blushing at the small lick to his cheek, Dib gave Zim's finger one last good suckle before pulling it from his mouth and turning over onto his back so he could look at Zim better, still cradling the other's arm to his chest. Turning over even more onto his other side so he could nuzzle himself into Zim's chest, he then hid his face there so the Irken wouldn't see his blush.
Wrapping his other arm around him to hug Dib closely to him, Zim lightly nuzzled against the top of his head, still smiling at him. "Hmmm...You are so...What's that word?...Oh, yes. Cute." He said before giving Dib another small nuzzle.
Lifting his head to look up at Zim, Dib's face flared up a bright red at the other's words. "Y-You think I'm c-cute?" He said, tilting his head to one side slightly.
Zim looked down at Dib a bit blankly. "Uhm...Yes?" He said, wondering now whether he had used the correct word to describe Dib.
His cheeks becoming a deep pink color, Dib blinked up at the Irken. "S-Since when did you st
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 44
Shaking his head at Dib's question, Zim smiled back at him reassuringly. "No, I don't think so anyway. I had to tell them I didn't know about it..." He said, then looking down at the bandages and feeling a bit guilty.
Dib frowned at the look on Zim's face. "It really wasn't your fault. It was mine. So if they ask me what happened, I'll just tell them it was a result of my own stupidity...A-And that I don't want to talk about it..." He said, looking away awkwardly.
Snapping out of it, Zim looked back at Dib for a moment. "Huh?...Oh, right. Y-Yeah...But y'know. They may have forgotten about it." He said, not feeling entirely sure about that but running a hand down Dib's arm regardless. Bringing his hand over to rest on Dib's warm cheek, he then sent him a small reassuring smile.
Dib nodded his head slowly in response to that. "I hope so..." He said before closing his eyes and pressing closer to Zim, hiding his face once again in the other's uniform, reluctant to look up. The memory of wh
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 45
Calming just a bit at the Irken's words and nodding his head slowly, Dib took as much comfort as he could from the small face nuzzle he received from Zim, sniffling all the while. Finally letting his eyes fall closed to sleep, he then reached out one hand to take Zim's and hold it in his own.
Watching Dib for a moment, Zim's smile fell away once Dib had closed his eyes, feeling awful now for not realizing how fragile he was in his current state. Using his other hand to carefully stroke his hair, he then continued to watch him sleep soundly.
In his sleep, Dib pet the back of Zim's hand with his fingers, drawing them slowly across the soft skin there, the action somewhat comforting to him as his eyes began to dry.
Watching as Dib moved his fingers over his hand, Zim wanted to get nearer to him but was afraid it would only hurt him. So instead, he merely sighed and closed his eyes.
About an hour later, Dib opened his eyes slowly and stared at Zim, who had dozed off, through half-lidded ey
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 46
Jolting when Dib fell off the other end of the hospital bed, Zim stared down at him with fear as well. "Dib...I don't know what's going on here, but whatever happened, I'm sorry!" he moved nearer to Dib, only to make him shuffle away more.
Walking back in with the doctor, the nurse gasped at seeing Dib on the floor before running over to help him and looking up at Zim sternly. "I suggest you leave." She said, not trusting the other to stay alone with Dib any longer.
Still a bit shaken by the situation, Dib's eyes grew even wider at those words. "N-No!" He looked up at the nurse pleadingly. "Please! He fell asleep, had a bad dream, and accidentally knocked me off of the bed!" He said quickly, still not wanting Zim to leave him despite everything that had just happened.
Carefully helping the nurse put Dib back on the bed, the doctor examined him.
Still looking the least bit impressed, the nurse turned to Zim. "Is this true?" She asked, not so sure whether she believed Dib or not.
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 47
Not so sure he believed the other, Dib looked up at Zim worriedly. "E-Exactly what was happening in your nightmare anyways? O-Or do you not want to talk about it...?" He asked, figuring the Irken's dream must have been pretty bad if it had caused his PAK to react the way it had.
Zim stared back at him uncomfortably. "Uhmm..." A blush started to appear on his face as he shifted his eyes to the side, debating on whether or not to tell him before he finally looked back at him. "Well...I guess I owe you an explanation for almost breaking your arm." He looked off to the side again. "Th-They were trying to separate us." He then said in a voice barely above that of a whisper.
Dib looked at Zim a bit confused. "What? Who was trying to separate us?" He crawled up closer to Zim so that he was now sitting in the other's lap, pressed comfortably against him.
Staring down at the bed covers, Zim tensed for a moment when Dib moved into his lap before then relaxing and letting his eyes fall half-lidde
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 48
Smile widening at Dib's reaction to his kiss, Zim ran his hand over Dib's hair and planted a small lick to his forehead. Wrapping his arm back around him, he then nuzzled the side of his face.
Finally letting his hand fall away from his lips, Dib sighed out contently and closed his eyes, the feel of Zim's cool skin pressed to his warm skin a nice relief.
Running a hand on his back soothingly, Zim continued to slowly nuzzle against him, happy now that Dib was comfortable.
Bringing his legs up, Dib curled in on himself a bit. "Mmm...Can we just...stay like this for the rest of the night?" He asked, not wanting to move away.
"Mmhmm." Zim nodded against him comfortably, nuzzling one last little peck to his forehead before cuddling him closely again. "When all this is over...and you get better again...let's go to outer space in the voot..." He said, wanting nothing more than to just take Dib far away from Earth and all the people who had ever made fun of him growing up.
Opening his eyes, Di
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 49
Frowning a bit at Zim's words, Dib opened his mouth as though to argue before stopping himself and merely letting out a small sigh. "But...Oh, okay..." He nuzzled his face back into Zim's chest but this time didn't close his eyes as he let his good arm restlessly find its way up Zim's back to locate his antennae to play with a bit.
The small touch making them flick slightly, Zim jolted a bit at the sudden sensation before relaxing again and letting his eyes fall half-lidded. "Hmmmm..." He sounded out in a quiet purr.
Pulling his hand back at the small flick and jolt, Dib then gently reached his hand back up to take one of the thin appendages between two of his fingers. "S-Sorry..." He blushed as he very gently began to stroke it again in an attempt to distract himself from having to return back to sleep.
"Mmhmmm..." Zim closed his eyes and, careful not to hurt Dib's arm, took his hand to nuzzle softly to his cheek before sighing comfortably.
Cupping Zim's cheek in his palm to stroke ge
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 50
As Dib's struggling to get away got worse and worse by the second, Zim had to hold onto him even tighter to ensure he wouldn't hurt himself in his current state of mind. "Dib, stop it! I'm not going to hurt you!" He exclaimed, still gripping him tightly before his voice became a bit softer. "I'd never let anyone hurt you...Please, Dib. Enough of this." He then tried to calm him so the nurse's presence there wouldn't set him off again when she returned.
His efforts to get away lessening with each passing minute as he panted out tiredly in the quiet room, Dib struggled for a few minutes longer before finally beginning to grow tired, tears streaming down his cheeks from how worn out he was now. "Please...I just want to go home...Please, let me go...You're hurting me..." He jerked his body about a few more times in one last attempt to get away before finally becoming still in the other's arms, hugging himself and breaking down even more.
Using this opportunity to quickly turn Dib around an
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 51
Still fairly upset despite Zim's words to him, Dib shook his head, not so sure he could believe the Irken. "I can't believe that! Because...Because...You know that your being here is the only reason for me agreeing to come here in the first place! And you're the one thing keeping me from getting up out of this bed and leaving to go home! So it IS my entire fault for putting you through all of this!" He exclaimed, breaking down all over again.
Again, Zim frowned. "Lies, nothing of this is your fault...Zim doesn't do anything for anyone unless Zim WANTS to do it. You think I'd rather not be here with you right now?" He hugged Dib to himself and lightly nuzzled the side of his face to calm him before speaking softly. "I protect you...And I've never wanted to do that for anyone else, so...don't be sorry about anything, Dib." He said, planting a small kiss to his forehead.
Breathing still shaky, Dib closed his eyes at the gentle kiss. "E-Even if I just continue to get worse? Y-You
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 52
Scoffing a bit at Dib's words, Zim shook his head and brought up a fist. "Pff, I'm not starving myself! I'm an Irken! I can go for days without food!" He exclaimed enthusiastically before shutting his eyes and nuzzling into a pillow. "Yep...Zim needs no food." he then murmured to himself, still in his own half-asleep daze.
Sending the other a rather unimpressed look, Dib raised a brow when he heard Zim's stomach growl suddenly. "So, I take it THAT'S why you look so skinny all the time?" He said, rolling his eyes at the Irken's refusal.
"Eh?" Zim frowned, putting his hands to his stomach. "What are you talking about, Dib-thing?" he sank down a bit.
"You really don't eat that often, do you? And that's why you always look so skinny."
"Nonsense," Zim turned his head the other way and frowned. "Zim doesn't know what you are speaking of..." he said rather stubbornly, a little irritated by Dib's words to him.
Dib glared over at Zim. "Then tell me. When was the last time you actually ate somet
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 53
Yawning and shifting onto his side again in the bed, Dib looked back at Zim through half-lidded eyes when the Irken asked him how he was feeling. "Tired..." He answered in a sleepy voice, a part of him just wanting to return to sleep despite having just woken up.
Moving in nearer to him, Zim stared down at him for a moment. "Umm… Dib, does it hurt to touch you right now, it not so bad at the moment?" He asked, hoping he could scoot in closer so he could make up for everything that had unfolded the night before.
"I-It's fine...You can touch me. S-Sometimes I just feel like my body is on fire and everything hurts...But at the moment...I-I'm just really tired..."
"Okay. Well...Tell me if I'm hurting you, okay?" Zim said, lying on his side next to Dib, moving nearer and carefully wrapping his arms around him.
Turning over onto his other side to face Zim and nuzzle himself even closer, Dib nodded his head. "Okay..." He said in a tired voice before closing his eyes to sleep, j
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 54
Just continuing to play her game despite Zim's obvious disapproval of her lack of concern, Gaz merely shrugged at his words, knowing already that Dib never would have agreed to go to the hospital, even if she had shown concern towards him about his current illness. "And exactly WHEN did you two become best of friends? Was it before or after having sex? Because I could have sworn you were still enemies up until just a few days ago." She said, not even missing a beat as she continued playing on her Game Slave 2.
Starting to blush again, Zim's eyes grew wide at those words. "How did-" He frowned and muttered something angrily, folding his arms.
Gaz smirked at Zim's reaction. "Heh...I knew it...So, who's on top and who's on bottom?" She asked jokingly, her smirk growing.
Shivering and letting out a short-lived whine at the fact that he couldn't locate the Irken anywhere near him, Dib shifted in his sleep suddenly. "Mmmm...Zim..." He murmured, almost as if on cue to answer Gaz's question.
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 55
Smiling when Dib agreed to let him call in the nurse, Zim pet back a bit of his hair before turning to look back over towards Gaz and Gir. "Great...Um...Could someone press the button then?" He asked, not wanting to pull away from Dib while he was still feeling so cold.
"I do iiit!" Gir jabbed a hand on the button repeatedly. "Woo!" He squealed excitedly, enjoying this far too much.
Zim smacked himself in the forehead at Gir's stupidity.
Meanwhile, the nurse came running into the room in a panic. "What is it?! What's wrong?!" She looked around just to notice that they were all alright and Gir was still standing there on the bed, hitting the call button repeatedly. "Ummm...Is there an actual reason I was called in here?" She asked as she glared over at the disguised SIR unit.
"Gir, stop hitting that thing already!"
"OKAY!" Gir stopped and saluted.
"Ahem...Dib's feeling really cold all of a sudden."
Walking up to Dib, the nurse placed a hand on his forehead. "Hmmm...He's still feverish.
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 56
Calming slightly when Zim began to rock him a bit, Dib sniffled wetly before merely wrapping his arms around Zim and hiding his face even more in the other's chest. "Like she cares what I have to deal with right now! Her goal in life has been the same as everybody else's: to make my life miserable!" He exclaimed, feeling himself losing it again.
Zim sighed. "Well, it's not my goal, Dib." He said, not wanting the other to feel alone in all this.
Dib remained silent for a few moments. "Well, it used to be..." He said in a quiet voice.
Zim frowned a bit. "I was just trying to stop you from foiling my plans of world conquest and exposing me." He argued back, not liking the fact Dib was lumping him in with everybody else who ever treated him like dirt.
"But I wasn't always out to stop and expose you! I was...I was just..." Dib sent Zim a wide-eyed, almost panicked look.
Zim looked at the other confused for a moment. "Hmm, what? It's not like I care that you were, Dib." He said, convinced th
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 57
Squeezing his eyes tightly shut and inhaling in sharply when Dib’s fingers found their way to his antennae, Zim squirmed a bit in his spot before relaxing again and exhaling out slowly, all the while suckling on Dib's bottom lip, having also missed the feel of the human’s mouth pressed against his own.
Resting his forehead against Zim's tiredly, Dib then exhaled out softly as his fingers massaging Zim's antennae twitched slightly against the sensitive stalks.
Enjoying all the attention his antennae were receiving, Zim could only breathe out against the side of Dib’s mouth in that moment before peeking his eyes open a bit and running his tongue up the side of Dib's face. Pulling away and smiling up at him lazily, he then moved his hands back down the human’s sides gently.
Dib let his movements slow as he smiled back down at the other before finally letting his head come to rest on the Irken's chest, his eyes closing as he felt himself drifting back off to sleep a
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 58
Blinking his own eyes open when the gentle licks Zim had been giving his neck stopped suddenly, Dib shifted his gaze down to the now awake Irken just to let the thin antenna slip from his mouth, his own cheeks flushing a light pink before he tucked his head down to try and hide his face from the other against the Irken’s own head.
Zim hummed out a sigh and re-closed his eyes, moving his hand to locate Dib's hand and nuzzle his cheek against it. “Why'd you stop?” He asked in a small whine.
Dib lifted his head slightly to peek down at the other at the gentle nuzzle to his hand. “Y-You want me to continue?” His fingers twitched slightly against the others cheek.
Zim nodded his head. “Mmhmm...Only if you want to though.” He continued to nuzzle his hand softly.
Blush deepening, Dib then slowly leaned forward to take the antenna he hadn't been suckling on earlier into his mouth.
“Mmm...” Zim slipped one of Dib's fingers into his own mouth
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 59
Blushing an even darker shade of green at Dib’s reaction, Zim just nodded his head in response to the others question. “Do...Do you want to?” He asked again, a part of him beginning to think that perhaps it was stupid of him to ask.
“I-I don't know how that's going to help me...I-In fact, I think that would just make things worse...B-But if you really want to...I...I guess...D-Do you think it would be alright, o-or would it be better to wait until we're not in a place where someone may walk in on us?”
Zim frowned and lightly poked him in the chest. “You didn't answer my question. Do YOU want to?” He asked one last time, just wanting a yes or no from the other.
“I...I, uhm...W-Well...I-It might help, uhm..."little problem" for the moment if you did...B-But I'm not so sure it would be such a good idea doing it here in a hospital room where a doctor or nurse may walk in at any moment and catch us...”
Zim smiled a little at that
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 60
Okay! 18+ readers only for this chapter guys. Sexy moments ahead! Don't worry, the story continues as normal if you decide to skip this chapter ^^
Please do not proceed if you are not comfortable with sexy moments. You have been warned! Otherwise, enjoy.
Allowing Zim to take control of the situation, Dib inhaled sharply through the kiss as said Irken pressed his body flush against Dib's, taking a seat in his lap.
Wrapping his long, thin tongue around Dib's larger, fleshy one, Zim then moved it against Dib’s before bringing a hand up to run over Dib's chest.
“Mmmm...” Dib brought one of his hands up to grip Zim's shoulder tightly.
Dragging his lips over Dib's cheek and down to his neck, Zim licked the skin there while slipping a hand under his gown and running it up to his chest.
That gown being the only piece of clothing he had on at the moment due to the nurse taking his pajamas away earlier, Dib’s eyes widened at the hand slipping under the rim of his hosp
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 61
Okay! This one is also an 18+ readers only guys. Sexy moments ahead! Don't worry, the story continues as normal if you decide to skip this chapter ^^
Please do not proceed if you are not comfortable with sexy moments. You have been warned! Otherwise, enjoy.
His legs shaking slightly as the waves of pleasure slowly began to dissipate, Dib laid panting on the ground for several long moments, unable to move. Sighing out heavily, he then blushed insanely, thankful that at least his "little problem" was gone for the time being.
Blushing for a moment himself, Zim stared down at Dib before bringing up a hand to lower his gown back over him and carefully lay himself down on top him.
Suddenly feeling so horribly worn out as he slowly began to doze off a bit, Dib let his eyes slip closed.
Trying to do the same for a moment, Zim let out a small whine before peeking his eyes open again and squirming around a bit, unable to relax.
Dib let out a whine of his own before forcing his eyes open part
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 62
His body shivering from how cold it had gotten in the room, it wasn’t until at least a few hours later that Dib shifted in his sleep uncomfortably, trying to conserve what body heat he could.
Letting out a small whine and hugging Dib closely, Zim blinked his eyes open momentarily before closing them yet again, only a short moment passing before his eyes snapped wide open again and he jolted in his spot, remembering that they'd fallen asleep in the basement. He gave Dib a shake on the shoulder. “Dib, wake up!” He said in a small, panicked voice.
Letting out his own small whine, Dib shuddered in Zim's arms, his teeth chattering.
Zim shook him again. “Augh…Come on, Diiib! Wake up already and get off of Ziiiim!” He said frantically before noticing the other shivering on top of him. “...Dib...?” He then said the others name when he didn’t wake up right away.
His entire body having broken into shivers now, Dib shifted his eyes open after
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 63
Tempted to shout out something that could get them into even worse trouble, Zim just frowned morosely at the wall, biting down on his lip to keep himself in check as they arrived at the room they had been in earlier.
Shaking her head and making a loud irritated noise, the nurse pulled Dib back over to the bed.
Wanting to stay close to Zim, Dib struggled slightly but inevitably got pulled away from the other to be placed back in the bed.
Once she had finished putting Dib back into bed, the nurse turned on Zim again. “Pull anymore stunts like that while you're here and I won't allow you to stay with Dib, even if his father DOES give you permission to stay. Now, I need to make a phone call to Dib's father and let him know we found you two. While I'm gone, I want you two to stay put and don't cause any more trouble.” She said before going to head for the door.
Zim just continued glaring off to the side with his arms folded until she finally left, his eye twitching. “RRGH!
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 64
Looking back up at Zim, then down at the doll, and then back up at Zim again, Dib then held it up to compare the two side by side before looking over at the young nurse in the room with them, as though asking her opinion on it.
The nurse looked at the doll and then Zim. “You know, it really does look a lot like you, except without hair and the eye color is wrong.” she tilted her head to the side, giving it a good look over again. “It's kind of cute.” She then said before smiling over Dib.
Zim pouted and mumbled to himself quietly again. “...It looks nothing like me.... Zim is not cute....” He said under his breath, just loud enough for Dib to hear.
Bringing the doll back to his chest, Dib frowned and sank down in the covers a bit.
Zim looked back at him. “Whaaat!?” He sighed. “Ohhw...Okay...I guess it does look a little bit like me...” He then admitted before glancing back at the doll again to glare at.
Sinking back down into
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 65
Bringing up his other hand to gently stroke the top of Dib's head when the other began playing with his fingers, Zim fiddled around with a lock of the boy’s hair himself, just glad now that he didn’t have to worry about being kicked out of the hospital any time soon.
Closing his eyes contently at the feel of Zim playing with his hair, Dib then turned over onto his side a bit in the bed and hugged Zim's hand to himself along with the Zim doll.
Turning to look at Dib hugging his hand to himself, Zim ran his fingers through the black strands of hair gently while staring down at him. “Heh…” He smiled at the other amused.
Peeking his eyes open slightly to look up at Zim, Dib then looked behind himself at the young nurse in the room with them and then back at Zim, realizing this was probably as close as they'd be getting with her in the room.
Looking over at the nurse himself, who smiled back at him sweetly, before looking back down at Dib again, Zim caught ont
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 66
Just continuing to blink in some confusion at Zim and Dib, the nurse eventually returned her attention back to her notes.
Giggling through the tube a bit and squirming around in the bed, Dib, meanwhile, had by now closed his eyes with a big smile on his face, happy that he got what he wanted from Zim.
Zim gave him a light poke on the forehead. "Yeah, you better be happy, stink-beast." He smirked before giving his hair a small ruffle.
Reaching up a hand to take hold of Zim's hand, Dib blinked his eyes back open before intertwining their fingers together.
Staring down at him all the while, Zim moved his thumb gently against Dib's hand.
Dib brought up his free hand to write something else on Zim's arm. "Hey, where did Gir go anyways?" He asked, having only just then realized the android wasn't with them.
Zim's eyes grew wide. "Gir?! I don't-...He went home...Didn't he?...." He asked, having completely forgotten about Gir back when all the panic from earlier had unfolded.
"I don't remember
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 67
When a few moments went by and Dib didn't answer his question, Zim turned his attention back on Gir before asking him instead what he had just told Dib. "Gir, what did you say to Dib? Tell to Zim!" He barked, making a rather dramatic gesture in the air with both his hands as he waited for an answer from his minion.
Gir just giggled however.
Zim frowned. "Diiib?" He asked again, not liking being kept in the dark like this.
Pulling the covers over his head and refusing to answer Zim's question, Dib sank down even further into the bed.
Zim blinked down at Dib and then just threw his arms up in frustration. "Agh!" He then pulled his arms back down, pouting and bowing his head in defeat.
Gir merely giggled again before climbing under the covers with Dib to sit up on his chest and whisper something else to the flustered boy. "D'awww...Master cranky...He gonna have a baby?" He asked, liking this game of keeping secrets from his master.
Eyes snapping wide open at the disguised robot's question
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 68
His face seeming to fall a bit at Zim's response to his question, Dib dropped his hand away from the others arm and pulled it back to himself to hug the blankets tightly.
Zim looked up at Dib quickly at his reaction. "Huh, I mean...Probably. I guess they can't keep you here for too much longer." He tried to send Dib a reassuring smile.
Dib looked back up at Zim sadly. "My mom was kept here for 4 months before she died..." He wrote out to the other on his arm again.
Looking back at him a little shocked by his words, Zim looked off to the side sadly for a moment before looking back at him again. "Well...It won't be the same for you, Dib." He said with a confident nod of his head.
Dib hugged the covers even tighter to himself. "I'm not so sure...I've only been here about 24 hours and already I have something jammed down my throat that's breathing for me." He wrote before tightening his grip on the covers slightly.
"Well, yes...But they said you might not have to keep that thing in..."
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 69
Watching what Dib was doing curiously, Zim's fingers twitched a bit for a moment as the other continued to play with his hand.
Rubbing them between his own fingers gently as though they were the alien's antennae, Dib then shifted his gaze up to stare at the others wig where his real antennae were, really wishing he could just touch them, even if only for a short second.
Zim looked over to their hands and moved his fingers over each of Dib's, exploring Dib's five digits with his three before entwining their fingers together.
Just staring up at the Irken with wide eyes, observing all of his features closely, Dib scooted in closer to Zim.
Staring back at the other, Zim brought up a hand to gently run his finger over the bridge of Dib's nose and then lightly poked the end of it before pulling his hand away and smiling down at him.
Dib could only blush shyly at the small poke to his nose before finding the others side and burying his face in it, causing his glasses to go askew.
Smile wideni
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 70
A little amused now by Dib's relentless attachment to Zim's leg, the nurse merely smiled back at Zim when he allowed Dib to keep possession of said limb.
Growing still now that he had gotten his way, Dib, meanwhile, happily nuzzled the leg in his sleep.
Shaking his head and looking off to the side, Zim then peeked over at the nurse before quickly looking away again and frowning with a slight blush.
Letting go of the leg long enough to search for the covers down by his feet, Dib shivered a bit in his sleep.
Zim leaned forward a bit to pull the covers up over Dib.
Stretching a bit and then curling up with the covers, Dib happily returned to cuddling Zim's leg affectionately in his sleep.
Zim couldn't help but smile a little at that as he stared down at him, bringing up a hand to gently play around with a lock of his hair.
At the feel of Zim running his clawed fingers gently through his hair, Dib let out a small snore and content sound similar to a purr.
"Heh..." Zim smirked a little, amu
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 71
Letting out a small and quiet whine at all the others shifting about, Zim nuzzled into a pillow before returning to sleep peacefully again.
Blinking down at the disguised alien, Dib then reached down to pull the covers up over both him and Zim before settling back down into his spot comfortably, gently running his fingers over the others skin, not spelling anything in particular out this time.
Sighing quietly in his sleep, Zim scooted a bit closer to Dib and brought up a hand to grip onto his hospital gown.
Smiling before bringing down his free hand to Zim's hand gripping his gown, Dib began to play with the alien’s fingers, much in the same way he had been when he was fast asleep earlier.
Peeking his eyes open a tiny bit to look at the other after a while, Zim then closed them again and moved his hand to take Dib's, moving his fingers gently against the human’s.
Dib could only smile even more at this before tracing his free hand along Zim's arm. “Good...err...What ti
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 72
Gulping nervously when the older nurse instructed him to try and take a deep breath and hold it with his mouth open, Dib fidgeted nervously as she slowly began to work the tube up out of his throat.
“Now, just relax. You may gag for a moment, but it will be out before you have time to do anything else.” The nurse began slowly moving part of the tube out of his throat, waiting until the last possible second to pull the entire thing out before he choked on it.
Even though he himself had shoved tubes into people’s throats before for certain experiments, Zim stared down at what was happening rather uncomfortably, trying his best not to show his discomfort though as he continued holding Dib's hand.
After a few more moments of pulling the tube up slowly, the older nurse finally pulled the whole thing out, making Dib jerk forward a bit.
Beginning to cough almost instantly, Dib gasped for air momentarily before having an oxygen mask placed over his face just in case.
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 73
Frowning a bit at Dib’s reaction when the other pulled the covers up over his head to hide under, Zim put on a thoughtful look for a moment before finally saying something. “...Does this have something to do with what you two were talking about earlier?” He asked, figuring it must have something to do with it, given Dib’s flustered reaction to Gir’s babbling.
Responding only by sinking even further under the covers, Dib tensed at the others question.
“Heh heh.” Zim smirked. “I knew Zim would find out eventually.” He said, going to poke Dib lightly.
Dib raised up a hand from under the covers to give Zim a good smack before writing out "Jerk..." On the others leg.
“Ow!” Zim pouted. “What did you do that for?” He demanded, not understanding why the other was so suddenly getting all upset over this.
His face a bright red now, Dib could only peek out from underneath the covers to glare up at Zim. "Because it's not
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 74
Not wanting to get in trouble for this situation, the nurse bit her bottom lip at Zim’s request before taking him off to the side for a moment. “H-He wouldn't happen to be on any other medications, would he? There's nothing he missed a dosage of in the time he's been here?” She asked, thinking perhaps all these episodes Dib kept having may be linked to a mental problem of some sort.
Zim blinked in some confusion at that question. “Uhm...I don't think so.” He shook his head. “No one mentioned anything, no.” He said, not realizing what she was getting at with that question.
“Weeell...Okay, then. You have 5 minutes. But if you can't convince him to come out in that time, we're going to need to send somebody in there to force him out.”
Zim nodded his head quickly at those words. “Mhmm! Mhmm! I can do it! I am Zim!” He exclaimed before going back over to the cubicle that Dib was currently in.
Sending him an odd look, the nurs
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 75
Getting up onto the bed himself and crawling over to Dib once he had settled some, Zim pulled the crying human up onto his lap and hugged him in closely to try and calm him down some more.
Not wanting to even look at the room he was in any longer, Dib returned to crying into Zim's uniform top.
Zim ran a hand over his back lightly to try and calm him down.
“I want to go home...I want to go home...” Dib whimpered out in a quiet whisper.
Zim sighed. “I know you do.” He gave him a small kiss on the forehead before cuddling him in closely again.
Blushing a tiny bit at the small kiss and sniffling wetly still, Dib lifted his head up to peer at the disguised alien for a moment before then dropping his gaze back down to look about the room, the strange-looking equipment making him want to hide himself away in Zim's chest again.
Zim stroked his hair gently with one hand, his other hand still wrapped around his back.
Willing himself to close his eyes sleepily, Dib then sl
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 76
Attempting to burrow himself underneath the others shirt for additional warmth once the Irken had pulled him in closer, Dib breathed against the alien’s skin comfortably, the smooth, green skin a welcome comfort to him as he pillowed his head there and enjoyed the others scent.
“Hm?” Zim blinked in surprise, frowning and pulling his uniform top back down.
Dib’s head now hidden under Zim's shirt, making the other look as though he were pregnant or something, the nurse giggled a little at what was going on in front of her.
Zim mumbled in annoyance and attempted to get Dib out from under his uniform by pulling at it. “Ngh! Diiib!” He whined a bit at the others reluctant attachment to his midsection.
Dib responded by shrinking back a bit with a small whine in his sleep before blinking his eyes open slowly and looking around in a slightly disoriented way. “Wh-Where... Henoticed Zim and the nurse then wilted. “Oh yeah...” He sighed, havin
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 77
Eyes widening slightly at Dib’s reaction to her words, the young nurse tried to think of what else she could say in order to put his mind more at ease. “O-Oh…Well- ” she began before thankfully being cut off by Zim.
“Calm down, Dib. You had one in before, remember?” Zim rubbed both Dib’s arms gently with his hands.
His body beginning to tremble a bit at the thought of them putting another one of those needles in his arms, Dib merely remained sitting there tensely, not quite seeming to hear Zim's words as he felt himself falling just to be caught and held up by Zim. He then blinked his eyes a few times in an attempt to shake himself out of it.
Zim snapped his fingers a few times in front of Dib. “Dib? Earth calling to Dib...” He looked over at the nurse for help before looking back at Dib again.
Looking over at Dib worriedly herself, the nurse stood up to press a hand to the boy’s forehead. “Oh dear...Is he alright?
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 78
Deciding to listen to the nurse and do as he was told, Dib gave up on trying to get comfortable any other way as he rolled back over onto his back so his head was resting in Zim's lap now. Finding that even this wasn't helping so much in the long run however, it wasn’t long before he was back to shifting about uncomfortably, causing Zim’s attention to be drawn back down towards him.
Looking down at Dib on his lap now, Zim decided to fiddle around with a lock of his hair for a while before giving him a small playful tap on the forehead with one of his fingers.
Shifting his gaze up to look at Zim, Dib blinked at the small tap, a part of him tempted to take the others hand and pull that finger into his mouth.
Smiling a bit at the look Dib was giving him, Zim then shifted his gaze down to look at the IV for a moment, eyes moving from the bag and down the tube leading into Dib's arm.
Following Zim's gaze to the IV tube inserted into his arm, Dib flinched before shifting his gaze
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 79
Excited to see Dib taking an interest in his species’ culture, Zim couldn’t help but answer back rather enthusiastically. “Yes! Such amazing punctuation we have…Uhm…” He grabbed the notebook to write the small symbols for Irken punctuation out along with their translation.
Tilting his head to one side, Dib watched Zim work on translating all the punctuations he could think of in that moment into Irken punctuations.
Finishing by drawing the Irken symbol at the very top of the page, Zim then handed it back to Dib.
Dib looked at the Irken symbol, then back at Zim, then back at the symbol again. "It kind of looks like you when you're not wearing your disguise." He wrote out on the others arm, reaching under the covers to retrieve the Zim doll so he could compare it to the paper. "Except not as cute..." his eyelids fell half lidded.
Blinking wide eyes open at Dib’s remark, Zim blushed and frowned, poking his tongue out a little at the other for that
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 80
A little confused by the others explanation, Dib couldn’t help but tilt his head to the side slightly at the Irken’s words to him. "I thought Irkens only ate snacks though. At least, that's all I ever saw you eating at lunch during school." He wrote, not understanding how their food could be made from organic materials when they didn’t even have anything of the sort on their own home planet to begin with.
“Yesss…But how do you think the snacks are MADE though? And yes, Irkens only eat snacks...I'm going to miss Irken snacks. I'm already starting to run out of them!"
"Well, if they're made from different kinds of plants from different planets, wouldn't Earth snacks be basically the same thing as Irken snacks?"
"No way! You can't beat the amazingness of Irken snacks! But I'll try a few more Earth snacks when I need too. That choco-whatever stuff was okay."
"Chocolate. And I'm certain there are lots of Earth snacks you'll enjoy if you just give them a try. Ha
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 81
Hardly giving Dib’s question any thought at all really, Zim merely waved it off after a brief moment of consideration. “Hmmm… Well… After my Tallest sent him to the deadly planet Blorch, probably with the intention of getting rid of him, he somehow managed to conquer it… Must have been an easy mission after all.” He half mumbled to himself before looking away with a none too impressed look on his face. “…But anyways, my leaders have been trying to get rid of him since. He just keeps coming back somehow though." He then shrugged it off as though what he’d just written to the other was a common, everyday conversation topic on his planet.
"O-Oh...W-Well, I guess you should be hoping he's still alive then if you plan on asking him to bring you stuff."
"Meh…" Zim looked away to the side for a moment before noticing the expression currently on Dib's face. Not wanting to come across as uncaring, he then sighed and continued writing.
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 82
Not even responding back to Zim’s accusations this time as he felt just a tad bit hurt and angry the other wouldn’t believe him, Dib rather reached back behind himself to grab his pillow and smack Zim square in the face with it.
“AH!” Zim spluttered, pushing the pillow away from his face before adjusting his wig and glaring daggers at the other, reaching out a hand to grab another pillow to hold it up threateningly in case the other decided to try and thwack him again.
Rather than hitting Zim a second time however, Dib merely stuck his tongue out at him.
Lowering his pillow, Zim blinked at that gesture and frowned before then poking his own tongue out at Dib himself.
Taking the opportunity when Zim was distracted, Dib smacked him a second time in the face with his pillow.
“Mmph!” Zim accidentally bit down on his tongue, smacking the pillow away and bringing a hand up to his mouth. “…Oww…” He glared, taking the pillow again and
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 83
Looking up at the nurse when she broke the silence with a hushed whisper, Zim responded back in an equally muted voice. “Oh... Did he say anything when I left?” He asked, thinking that perhaps the other had just been waiting for him to leave before saying anything in regards to what had happened.
The nurse could only shake her head slowly however. “No... He was crying under the covers for a while though. I think he just cried himself to sleep right after you left. B-But don't worry. I'm certain things will be better once he wakes up.” She tried to assure him despite the tension that no doubt still hung in the air from their earlier argument.
Doubting that very much, Zim just looked back down at his lap gloomily in silence.
The nurse sent Zim a sad look before looking back down at Dib and sighing.
After several silent minutes, Dib shifted slightly underneath the covers, turning over in the bed, his scythe lock poking out from underneath the blankets. “Mmm..
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 84
Lips quivering momentarily at Zim’s question, Dib struggled to keep his voice steady as he went to reply back to the other. “I-I just feel s-sicker here...I d-don't like it...I-I don't want t-to stay here anymore...” He broke down all over again.
Sitting himself near Dib and scooting in closer, Zim looked at him worriedly. “I…I don't know what to say, Dib…I don't want you to have to stay here either.” He said, uncertain what else he could do to comfort the human.
“Wh-Why can't they just l-let me go home already...?” Dib’s head found Zim's lap as he buried his face into it and curled up in the bed. “Th-This place makes me dizzy...” He whimpered in a muffled voice as he tried not to let his gaze wander anymore.
“I don't know…I'm sure they have a reason…Maybe it's because you need the IV medicine…” Zim tried to calm Dib by putting a hand to the side of his face.
Dib let his eyes slip clos
, Dib is Sick - Chapter 85
Sending Dib a confused look at his last few words, Zim couldn’t help but shake his head slightly at them. “…Then… Why do you yell at Zim… If you don't want to do it?” He asked, a little thrown off guard by what the other had just told him.
“...I-I don't know... I don't know... Maybe there's just something wrong with me... I don't want to lose you, but this keeps on happening…” Dib brought up his hands to wipe at his eyes.
“What? Lose me?” Zim shook his head. “But don't most people not like yelling yet still do it?... I do it, but it doesn't mean I like doing it or anything, so there’s nothing wrong with you.” He said with a nod as though to confirm that what he just said made sense.
“But there must be something wrong with me... You're the best thing to ever happen to me and still I yell at you... Even when I don't want to anymore...” Dib was shaking slightly now. “...And you're always

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Chapter 1: Encounter
The air was crisp, enveloping the city in that icy grip it always seemed to have during this time of the year. Everything was white save for the red and green decorations clinging to nearly every house and building in the city. The month was December which meant Christmas was approaching fast. It was a time of cheer and good will towards all mankind...Well...Most of mankind, at least. For a certain 17-year-old high-skool student, it was a time of gloom and bad memories. While the rest of the world celebrated this joyous time of the year, he spent most of his time indoors, locked in his room, just praying that the holidays would pass quickly so he could get on with his life. He hated this time of the year, especially when he had to leave his house for reasons beyond his control. Today was no exception.
Skool still hadn't let out for winter break, which meant two more weeks of abuse, mental and physical, from the other students. Dib Membrane was the most tormented so

ZADR Orange Chapter 001
"Jerks..." muttered the teenage boy from his hiding spot inside the boys' bathroom stall. He had been stuffed into a locker- AGAIN!- and had to be let out by a teacher after at least two hours of slamming on the door and waiting for somebody to hear him. To make matters worse, he had been yelled at almost immediately afterwards for missing class. A fairly typical day for him, though annoying nonetheless. Things like this had started happening to him on a daily basis ever since he had first entered high school, and the rumor going around that he was gay did not help matters at all. So he found himself once again hiding out in the bathroom, his preferred eating spot during lunch time. Nobody would bother him while he was in there. least, nobody human.
He snapped his head up from his food when he heard the bathroom door opening and quickly pulled his feet up onto the toilet seat until whoever had entered, left. That's when he heard an all too familiar voice.
"Argh! Those HORRIBL

Dib is Sick - Chapter 1
A/N: Here's an RP that me and ZADRfan1 started in 2009 inspired by an old pic of mine. She has made the RP into a fic for you guys to read :) Also credit to Invader-Ara for being the Beta for this. It's a ZADR fic just to give you the heads up. Enjoy.
A cough filled the silence, then another one, and another as Dib fought to gain back control. He'd been sick for well over a week now and out of school long enough for a certain someone to notice his absence. But he didn't care. All he wanted to do was sleep. Sleep until he felt a little less like he was going to die. Easier said than done when he couldn't stop coughing.
Letting out a groan, he turned over onto his side in his bed. "I hate being sick." he grumbled into his pillow as he cuddled up with an oddly familiar looking alien doll. He had come across it a few days before he had fallen sick. An old Zim doll he had made a few years back when attempting to use his knowledge of the paranormal as a means of defeating Zim. To say the

The Locker Room - Ch 1
A/N: This is an ongoing ZADR fanfiction/RP by *Pat-The-Kitsune and myself. Enjoy!
Dib could feel the other's fake eyes following him, watching his every move as he packed up the last of the gym volley balls into there bags, and he couldn't help but wonder why. Why was it that fate was so cruel towards him? Ever since he'd first entered high-school, it seemed every teacher he came into contact with was drawn towards pairing him up with his worst enemy, as he currently was right now. Not that it really mattered when the green menace just sat back and watched.
"You know, you COULD help me with some of this, you jerk." he said, picking up the first bag of volley balls to move them over towards the equipment room.
After an intense gym period in the close to freezing-cold basketball court, their gym teacher had assigned THEM to pack up all the equipment and move it back before heading home. A few weeks shy of the winter break, Dib just wanted to get out of the school's required gym clo

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So, I actually meant to post this journal up a few days ago but couldn't due to work wiping me out for the most part this past week. I've been thinking of holding a Valentines Day Contest/Giveaway though ever since my Christmas Giveaway ended about a month ago. The way this will work is as follows:

Rules For Entering:

:star:To enter, you must submit one Valentines Day-related entry to the contest portion of this giveaway. I don't care what your entry is, just so long as it's in some way related to Valentines Day (It could be a custom card you make for a friend or family member, a piece of Valentines Day-related fanart of two characters you ship together, or even a written love story/letter between two characters, original-based or not. I don't really care. Just so long as it sticks with the theme of Valentines Day.)

:star:Upon submitting your entry (or before, if you prefer), you must nominate at least two people you know here on DA to partake in your winnings should your entry be chosen as the winner. This IS a Valentines Day giveaway, after all. So what better way to show your love than by involving your friends/family members/lovers/a mix of any of the above. You can only choose two people though and they MUST have active DA accounts on here. I'll explain why below. Along with your nomination, be sure to include an explanation of WHY you've chosen these two users. What makes these people so special to you? Explain how they have impacted your life and let them know they're loved. :hug:

:star:When Valentines Day finally arrives, I'll hold a poll that will be open for 24 hours on here. Anybody who wants to will be allowed to vote for whichever entry they'd like. Entries will include not only your submitted works but your nomination for the candidates you choose to receive some love this upcoming Valentines Day.

:star: Once the poll closes, I will choose a single winner from the top three entries voted for. The entry that wins will be rewarded in the following manner:



:star: You, the artist who entered this giveaway, will receive a 1 year premium membership here on DA.

:star: The people you nominated for this giveaway will receive a 1 month and a 3 month premium membership as decided by a random drawing between the two. (I'll be sure to use a random number generator for this so it's fair.)


Either way, this giveaway, like the last, is primarily meant to spread the DA love~:heart: So what do you say, you guys? Interested in taking part? :)

(Note: Feel free to request an additional extension of one week to this contest should you feel you don't have enough time to get your entry done by the scheduled voting time. You must let me know in ADVANCE though so I can update my journal accordingly. Any entrants who request an extension but don't follow through with completing their entries within the time allotted WILL be automatically disqualified.)

And, as a final note, like my last giveaway, I do NOT require that you be watching me in order to take part. Anybody who wants to can enter this contest, so please feel free to advertise it to your heart's content. :meow:



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